3. Meeting of "Coaching meets AI"

Meeting Minutes of the third meeting of "Coaching meets AI – Foundations, Opportunities, and Limits".

© Prof. Dr. Harald Geißler

The topic of the third meeting of "Coaching meets AI – Foundations, Opportunities, and Limits" was: Is AI coaching with chatbots that take over the conversation ethically justifiable – or perhaps even ethically mandated?

The session built on the experiences and insights from the second meeting, in which Oliver Wünsch introduced his Business Buddies. That is, the question of ethics was posed and discussed specifically in relation to one of these Business Buddies.

Here are some key topics, which were covered:

  1. Transparency and Clarity: Unanimous opinion on the need to always communicate clearly whether the coach is human or AI to avoid deception.
  2. Data Protection and Security: A focal point was the protection of privacy and safeguarding of our clients' data.
  3. Accessibility and Democratization: AI can broaden access to coaching, making this valuable resource available to more people.
  4. Quality and Effectiveness: Concerns about the quality and effectiveness of AI-supported coaching compared to traditional human coaching.
  5. Economic Impact: Discussions on the potential impacts of AI on traditional coaching professions and their future.
  6. Responsibility and Human Oversight: The necessity for human coaches to retain leadership and handle AI responsibly.


Here is the link to the video recording of the third meeting: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iNtNwHHBAS63rON2JZYvwf7z8BrhGndK?usp=drive_link)