6. Meeting of "Coaching meets AI"

Minutes of the Sixth Meeting of "Coaching meets AI – Fundamentals, Opportunities, and Limitations."

© Prof. Dr. Harald Geißler

The sixth meeting of "Coaching meets AI – Fundamentals, Opportunities, and Limitations" focused on practically testing the general structural principles that were developed during the fifth meeting, to utilize chatGPT (without text modules) in the coach-coachee dialogue in a coaching-professional manner.

The most important outcome of the session was that it is extremely important to precisely define the role distribution between the coach and the AI app and to carefully monitor its implementation.

In detail, this mandate leads to the following four sequential questions or sub-tasks:

  1. Clarification of what exactly is expected from AI. That is, should AI handle certain sub-tasks of coaching
  • faster,
  • more structured or more clearly,
  • more profoundly,
  • or more pluralistically or creatively

    than the coach or coachee could do?

  1. How can it be ensured that the coachee has enough space and is not overwhelmed or pressured by the AI's output?
  2. How must the prompts be designed that the coach issues on behalf of the coachee to chatGPT?
  3. How should the coach handle the GPT output to ensure the coachee receives the maximum benefit?


Here is the link to the video recording of the sixth meeting: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iNtNwHHBAS63rON2JZYvwf7z8BrhGndK?usp=drive_link