4. Meeting of "Coaching meets AI"

Meeting Minutes of the fourth meeting of "Coaching meets AI – Foundations, Opportunities, and Limits".

© Prof. Dr. Harald Geißler


The topic of the fourth meeting of "Coaching meets AI – Foundations, Opportunities, and Limits" was: How is it possible to integrate coaching bots into the coach-coachee dialogue?

The discussion led to the following insights:

·       Coaches must first carefully assess when it is sensible to involve a coaching bot as an external assistant in the coaching dialogue, and secondly to clarify which coaching bot is suitable. An important prerequisite is that the coaches are very well informed about the coaching conceptual foundations of the bot.

·       To leverage the potential of a coaching bot in the coaching dialogue, it is important to support coachees in entering their responses, as this input is a specific form of prompting.

·       Coaching bots are fundamentally designed to take over the conversation in interactions with the coachee. This can lead to tensions or conflicts in the coach-coachee dialogue if the bot's conversational strategy does not align with that of the coach. It is therefore crucial that the coachees make their own conversational strategy and that of the coaching bot transparent, and encourage coachees to clarify what is beneficial for them.


Here is the link to the video recording of the fourth meeting: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iNtNwHHBAS63rON2JZYvwf7z8BrhGndK?usp=drive_link