1. Meeting of "Coaching meets AI"

Meeting Minutes of the first meeting of "Coaching meets AI – Foundations, Opportunities, and Limits".

© Prof. Dr. Harald Geißler

In the first meeting of "Coaching meets AI – Foundations, Opportunities, and Limits", the self-understanding and goals of the group were first clarified, namely to explore the possibilities of using AI in and for coaching and, where necessary, to reinvent coaching itself.

Based on this, the question was discussed of how those seeking advice, namely coaches and (potential) coachees, can use AI apps such as chatGPT for coaching purposes, either as a substitute for coaching or for preparing or following up on coaching sessions.

The discussion led to the realization that AI apps like chatGPT can be used:

·       to ask for knowledge

·       to have presented information or texts processed in a certain way

·       to receive tips and advice for solving a specific problem

·       to develop concepts, such as designing a training program

·       and to check whether any important information might be missing with respect to a specific question or task, and if so, to provide it.


Here is the link to the video recording of the second meeting: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iNtNwHHBAS63rON2JZYvwf7z8BrhGndK?usp=drive_link)