8. Meeting of "Coaching meets AI"

The goal of the eighth meeting of "Coaching meets AI" was to develop a prompt script (i.e., a sequence of prompts) for triadic AI coaching that leverages the capabilities of GPT (without using text blocks).

It was recognized that a key feature of such a prompt script must be that the prompts clearly relate to the different phases of coaching. Specifically, this means it is essential to ensure that GPT does not "spit out" a multitude of solutions right at the beginning.

The meeting focused on the first coaching phase, i.e., problem and goal description. For this phase, the following two prompts were developed and practically tested:



I have the following problem:

(The coach summarizes the description provided by the coachee in writing and sends it to GPT.)


Before I start thinking about how to solve my problem effectively, I want to thoroughly understand the causes of the problem. Therefore, please check if the provided problem and goal description is sufficiently complete or if important information is missing.


Here is some additional information regarding my problem:

(The coach asks the coachee how they are handling GPT's questions, summarizes the coachee's responses in writing, and sends them to GPT.)


Create a report written in the first person that summarizes all the information available so far about the current and desired situation. Divide this report into two parts, first describing the current situation (IST) and then the desired situation (SOLL). Where possible, refer to the following aspects in each part:

  • The existing external conditions and external resources, including my physical conditions,
  • My psychological processes (such as feelings, motivational impulses, and thoughts) that are currently triggered by the coaching problem,
  • My observable behaviors that are currently triggered by the coaching problem,
  • The factual consequences that my observable behaviors cause for my interactions with others and myself.